best drones for kids

10 Best Drones For Kids

best drones for kids

Do you want to buy a gift for your kid? Then you are on the right place. In today’s the best gift can be a best drone for kids. The drone can be very interesting toy for kids due to many reasons.

The kids usually like to fly their toys and drone is the best toy to fly. Another factor is the curiosity factor. Kids usually do like to explore different things. A best drone for kids will help them in doing so.

With the help of drone kids will think about the flying concept. Some of the kids will learn about the mechanics of the drone. In short, kids will ask many questions regarding drones. And by this way they will learn so many things with interest.

Before telling you the list about the best drones for kids, we will go for many questions to answer. These questions are all about the selection, use and precautionary measures.

Here is a list of the best drones for kids in 2020

Potensic Upgraded A20


Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopters



UFO 3000


Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon

UDI U818A Drone

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

 1: Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

Potensic A20 upgraded is in green color which is suitable and attractive to the many kids. This drone is in budget price so everyone can afford it. This drone is for the kids with all the basic features in drones.

The drone has 2 detachable batteries to fly. You can play with your drone with continue flight. Charge your first battery to enjoy flight with second battery.

The drone is fast enough to compete as a racer drone. Kids can race with other drones and have a great competition among friends. This among the best drones for kids is easy to control. You can fly with a single button and control it with couple of more buttons. It has easy to expert and kids friendly control

The drone is in light weight so it is extremely portable and handle. This drone is coming up with 12 months warranty and this drone does not need any registry from the authority in US.


This drone among the best drones for kids is little advance version for older kids. The drone has so many features with good price. The drone has a 720P camera to take HD photos during the flight. Company is recommending the 10 class SD card of 32 GB so you can take many pictures and increase your collection.

This drone has so many options and features but it is very easy to handle and kids can learn easily how to fly. The durability of the drone is strong enough to handle the rough usage of children.

The range of the drone is great. You can fly up to 100 meters by standing at one place. That is said to be a good range for the best drones for kids. You can fly up to 10 minutes continuously. It will alarm you when the drone is out of range and when the battery is low. The drone does not require any smart phone.

 3: Mini Drone, Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopters

This drone among the best drones for kids is the best choice for little older kids. The drone has Wi-Fi real time FPV transmission. It means you can monitor the places from the upper angle. And you can see the places where your feet cannot reach.

It is easy to control drone for kids. So, a kid does not have to worry about learning controls. Stable flight technology gives the drone stability. Consequently the picture and live streaming will be more stable.

The drone has adjustment for speed as well. Some time you need more speed than stability. You can turn the speed option to the max. Hence your drone will go on full speed. The drone has 3 speed options.

These all features make this drone as the best drones for kids. And, it is the best gift for your kids.

 4: ATTOP Drone for Kids Drones with Camera

This drone is in the category of mini drones and the best buddy for the kids. The camera is attached with the drone and you can not only take photos but also you can stream live. The camera has the Wi-Fi for the live streaming option

One of the best drones for kids has easy options to operate. There is only one key to take-off the drone and one key to stick on one altitude during flight. So, there are very easy controls to monitor, operate and move the drone.

This drone has the newest technology in the market. The technology is the gravity trajectory flight with sensors. It means the drone is coming up with the application so a kid can automate the flight and route of the drone. The drone can maintain the gravity trajectory through the control of an application.

The design of the drone is foldable and durable. It can bear the rough usage from kids and it is portable so you can carry this drone with you at any place.

 5: JJRC H36 Mini Drone

Generally this drone is for all the kids from a 12 year old to a teenager. But specifically this drone is for the stuntman kids. The build of the drone is so flexible that you can move it in 360 degrees up-down and in any direction with all the flips.

The drone among the best drones for kids has so many options. But yet, it is so easy to control. JJRC mini RC quad-copter drone is blue in color. The color is more attractive to kids for teen age. The drone has 3 modes to control including the headless mode.

The speed of the drone can be adjusted with the help of three speed modes. The drone is coming with 2 batteries for longer flight times. All-in-all the drone is entertaining, flexible and durable hence the best gift for kids.

 6: UFO 3000 LED Drone

Force 1 UFO 4000 is another option in the list of best drones for kids. It is a good option for kids with budget options. Small kids usually like the toys with great display, lighting and attraction. Hence, it is the good gift for the kids from parents as well

This drone is easy to control for kids. It has joystick control with one key start-up and stop. The UFO type drone is with great LED lights which will attract the kids. The lights are glowing with red and blue lights. This drone do mini stunt for the beginners.

The drone has 4 channels and 2 speed modes. So kids can adjust the speed of the drone. The drone has the option of holding the altitude. The headless mode is also included in the drone. This drone can fly up to 18 minutes with two batteries that are included in the package. Bottom line is, the drone from the best drones for kids is specially made for kids. And it is a kid friendly toy

 7: DROCON Ninja Drone

This is the budget selection from our list of best drones for kids. As the name suggest the NINJA drone. It has so many features that make a drone to feel like a ninja.

The drone has 720FPV HD Wi-Fi camera feature. So a drone can be used in watching the live stream. This will attract kids to searching different areas and learn new things.

The drone also has the feature of holding altitude so the usage for kids will be easy. The controls are too easy so every kid can learn these controls easily.

There is an application to control the features of drone. So you can monitor the camera and other features of drone.

This drone is specially made for the beginners. It has beginner friendly controls so anyone can easily control and learn about controls.

 8: Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The drone is specially made with UFO shape. The most renowned series we all love is the Star wars universe. And this drone is in the shape of iconic ship from that series.

Its range is so long that you can control this flagship up to 200 feet. In addition with that the UFO drone can do so many stunts with very easy controls.

This drone is for the kids of 8+ age kids. This drone comes with two batteries. The package includes one UFO flagship, a remote control and instruction guide.

The parents should read and educate their child about the drone. So, they can play safely with the UFO flagship among the list of best drones for kids.

 9: UDI U818A Drone with HD Camera 

This drone has some amazing features. The drone from the list of best drones for kids is really a best gift for the drone lovers. The drone is very great in the display. It has first person VR mode as well. You can view the video in your VR set.

Your kid will get an experience of flying and seeing things himself with the VR function. You can also view the scene on your mobile screen as well with the Wi-Fi technology on the drone.

This drone do have headless mode for the beginners. The drone has easy to control features. If you have missed the drone and lost connectivity with it then it has back to home function as well. It has six axis gyro stability features as well.

In simple words, the drone has so many features. And it is best for kids as well. That’s why we have included this drone in our list of best drones for kids.

 10: Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

Last drone from our list of best drones for kids is specifically picked for the budget customers. The drone has all the basic features that a kid can enjoy during the drone flight.

It has good range with great display. The stability of the drone is good enough to stabilize the drone while using it. Collectively speaking it is the best choice for budget parents and a good gift for your kids. Therefore we have selected in our list of best drones for kids.

What age is appropriate for a drone?

In most cases the appropriate age for the drone is 8 years. But there are many types of drones. And for the technical ones the appropriate age is on the box or on the user manual.

The appropriate age is up to the parents and their kids. For those cases where the kid is sharp enough and capable of understanding a drone and how to use it safely. The drone can be given in earlier ages as well.

Sometimes the safe use of drone needs a little more age. The kid may be able to fly the drone but he might not know the safe use and precautions of drone. So, it will be more risky in that case.

Are drones getting cheaper?

The simple answer to the question is “NO”. New drones that are coming with more technology and features are becoming more expensive.

In addition with that, users have so many options for the cheap one as well. But the drones with technical stuff and more features are costly. This article is about the best drones for kids. So, in this article you will find the cheap options of drones as well. Because kids do not need so much technical stuff in a drone?

Are drones good for kids?

The answer of this question is “YES” in general.  Specifically, every kid is different in nature then others. If your kid has interest in the toys related to drones and technology. Then drones are the best option for them.

Some kids are from the artistic nature or they are not ready to understand completely about the drones and usage of drones.  So in that case the best drone for kids can become the worst gift for them. Please observe your kid before making decision about drones.

Kids will learn so many things with the drones. They can compete with the drones among friends and healthy competition is great for learning new things. Kids can explore new things with the help of camera in the drone. So it is a mix up thing to learn and getting fun. As a combination it can be a best gift for your kid.

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