Best gaming keyboard

10 Best Gaming Keyboard in 2020

Best gaming keyboard

You’re a gamer, you need the best wireless gaming keyboard, the best gaming keyboard, and best gaming mouse combo, you probably take your choice of best gaming keyboard very seriously. And you should. The list of the best gaming keyboard has been selected by searching so many keyboards. There is expert advice about the best gaming keyboard in the article. There are links to direct customer reviews. Hence, with so many efforts we have selected these keyboards. Now it’s up to the gamer to select one from the list according to his need.

We’ve included the best wireless, the best wired, the best mechanical, and the best RGB gaming keyboards in our list. The keyboard is an essential part of gaming. The more advanced keyboard helps a gamer to become an expert in the game. Icon advice is the best site for you where you will select your best gear for gaming.

Before going to the list of the best gaming keyboards we will answer the question that is mostly asked by the gamers about the best gaming keyboard. This answer will help a lot to the new gamers as well. So the question regarding the best gaming keyboard is:

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What the best gaming keyboard should have?

  1. It should be fast enough so the reaction time, actuation and authenticity is perfect.
  2. It should have a gamin look. Nowadays, keywords related to gaming are coming with RGB backlights with bulk of customization and produce a good environment for gaming.
  3. A good gaming keyboard with programmable keys would have a little edge on those gamers who are not using it.
  4. A keyboard would be called a best when it is comfortable for you. Comfortable for typing and flexible for movement.

The 8 Best Gaming Keyboards 2020 Reviews

Steel Series Apex Pro

Corsair K95 Platinum XT

Razer Huntsman Elite 

Redragon K552

Kinesis freestyle edge RGB

Razer Blackwidow elite

Razer Cynosa chroma

HyperX alloy elite RGB

Logitech G915

1: The Best: SteelSeries Apex Pro:

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

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SteelSeries has recently introduced its best gaming keyboard with the name of Apex Pro. It has so many features that one cannot resist himself purchasing it after finding its features. So, here we go directly to dig all the features for you people.

The keyboard has adjustable mechanical switches. It can be adjusted according to the usage. It adapts you from the lightest touches to the hard press “Enter”; a user is using it for the gaming, work or anything else.

SteelSeries has focused on making the fastest keyboard. It has OmniPoint Switches which deliver 8 times faster response rate (0.7 m. sec), 5 times faster actuation (0.4mm) and double durability (100 million key presses) as compared to conventional mechanical keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex pro is coming with the smart OLED display that displays useful information. So, the user does not have to change the screen for updates.

SteelSeries Apex Pro, the best gaming keyboard is very rich in design and comfort for users. Apex pro is made up of premium quality Aluminum Alloy body for lifetime durability. It has adjustable Dynamic per-key RGB illumination which gives it an extra cool look.

The keyboard has a USB port so a user does not need to search an extra port in the PC. It’s three ways cable routing allows a user to keep the tidy desk.

Dedicated Multimedia controls are must watch in this keyboard, to control the multimedia volume and tracks.SteelSeries Apex pro is coming with extra space for your wrists. Consequently, you are comfortable in typing or playing games.

The only disadvantage of the Apex Pro is its price. It is available at a hefty price of 200 US dollars, which is expensive to say in general.

2: The Second Best: Corsair K95 Platinum XT:

Corsair K95 Platinum XT

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

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It was hard to name the NO 1 best keyboard for gaming and the tie was between Apex Pro and Corsair K95 Platinum XT. Consequently, due to the fastest actuation and speed, Apex Pro has taken a little edge. Therefore the second best gaming keyboard is Corsair K95 platinum XT.

K95 Platinum XT has 6 dedicated keys. These keys are programmable so the gamer can authorize an action to the keys that gives an extra advantage to the gamer during the gaming experience.

The keys of the keyboard are made from the German technology called Cherry Max RGB which ensures durability, accuracy and audible clicks. It has an extra USB port so during gaming we do not need any extra work

Multimedia during gaming can be controlled through an external control on the keyboard. It has a cushioned wrist pad for easing the gaming and typing experience. Corsair K95 Platinum XT has customized RGB controls. So lightening controls can be handled by the user.

Similar to the Apex Pro, the best gaming keyboard, this Corsair K95 platinum XT is costly and up to 200 Us dollars.

3: The Fastest: Razer Huntsman Elite:

Razer Huntsman Elite

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

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The best gaming Keyboard from the company Razor with different and unique technology. With the light sensor of keys, a user can get the fastest output from the keys pressed. It will enable the fast work.

It has the new razer optical switch technology that has a light sensor attached. So, when a user presses the button sensor will act on the speed of light.

Razer huntsman elite, the third-best gaming keyboard, comes with the multifunctional digital dial so that a user can control multimedia volume, brightness and so on. This keyboard has lightning buttons that will enhance the display of the keyboard.

It has the leather pad to rest the wrist while typing or gaming. It comes with the temporary memory and cloud storage software to add-on the features for the gaming users.

You can set the keys for different actions when you play the games. You just need to activate the hyper shift key mode and your selected keys will work according to your game. It can bear up to 10 simultaneous presses with anti-ghosting.

According to some reviews, the problem of software is observed in the Razer Huntsman Elite. But there are many FAQs and solutions from the manufacturers. So it might not be the issue that is so serious.

It requires two USB ports to be fully functional. That might be the drawback of the product. The product is a little expensive. But it is less expensive than the best gaming keyboards described above.

4: Best Budget with great style: Redragon K552:

Redragon K552

Interface: Wired | Size: TenKeyLess (80%) | Mechanical: Yes

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After the expensive and prime quality keyboards, we will include the cheap keyboard. That keyboard is cheap in price but rich in functionality and class. We can say that it is the best gaming keyboard among the entire budget gaming keyboards.

Redragon K552 is the mechanical gaming keyboard with 60 percent keys.  Keys are dustproof that makes it durable and capable of long term usage.

This keyboard shows the red light in the background of keys. It helps in creating a good and attractive display. This keyboard supports anti-ghosting. So, it has conflict-free keys for the ultimate gaming experience.

The keyboard is black with red backlights and it is the best combination for dark theme lovers. It is made up of high-quality durable metal for long term usage.

This is the multi-purpose mechanical keyboard. The best budget gaming keyboard is for those who are new to the mechanical keyboards. And it is for those who need the best gaming keyboard in budget price.

Redragon is said to be the best gaming keyboard due to its features at the least price. Since it is low priced gaming keyboard and fall in the category of “best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars”, that’s why It has limited features and customization.

Redragon K552 does not have number keys like all keyboards which is the biggest drawback for those who mostly use number keys in a keyboard.

5: Best customized: Kinesis freestyle edge RGB:

Kinesis free style edge RGB

Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red | Size: Split tenkeyless | Backlights: RGB | Passthroughs: USB | Media Controls: No | Wristrest: Yes

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In this world, everyone needs customization and adjustments. The motive of that customization is the completion of work with maximum ease. Gamers need gaming customization so they get maximum results with maximum comfort. If you need all this in a single best gaming keyboard then this is for you.

This keyboard is all about design and comfort. You can customize your usage according to your ease. It is 20 inches keyboard that can split into two parts. Both parts are connected with a wire. Keyboard has the hidden storage area for the excess wire.

Kinesis should be given full marks for the display of the keyboard and light controls. Users can select from 10 customizable lightening effects per-key backlighting.

Freestyle edge gaming keyboard has key switches with cherry MX technology which guarantees the durability and accuracy of the keyboard.

The keyboard has a detachable wrist pad for the ease of the user. Keyboard has 9 extra keys that help in the gaming modes.

Extra Features include Anti-ghosting, Game mode, onboard memory, and SmartSet Programming App.

This best gaming keyboard is comfortable for the users. You can use it as you want in any position at any desk or chair. Not only it is made for comfort, but its design and lighting effects are also pleasant for users too.

The app with the keyboard is a little short of features and needs more work and features with it. The keyboard has so many features so for sure it is expensive as well. But it comes with an optional lift kit which makes it more expensive.

6: Best All-rounder: Razer Blackwidow Elite:

Razer Blackwidow Elite

Interface: Wired | Size: TenKeyLess (80%) | Mechanical: Yes

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The best gaming keyboard with all-round performance and price is Razer Blackwidow Elite. We have seen many previous versions of the Blackwidow series from Razer. And we found that we should choose this brand as the best in this business.

Razer switches are designed for the gaming purpose. Hence, keys are perfect, accurate, fast and responsive. The durability of the switches is up to 80 million strokes

It has a digital dial to control many things like multimedia volume, brightness or so on. Like all the keyboards nowadays, it has a leather pad for the wrist comfort while gaming.

Blackwidow elite have almost all macro keys. So, a gamer can program it according to the gaming need. The keyboard has temporary hybrid memory and cloud storage so the user can store its settings and access it from anywhere.

The keyboard has a USB port and audio 3mm port for the sound as well. Some users have reviewed badly about the keyboard software. But it may not be the problem for all the cases.

Almost, it is the same as the previous Blackwidow series product. But there is the price increment. So, in that sense, it is costly and needs little advancement in the coming product.

7: Best Budget with features Razer cyanosis chroma:

Razer cynosa chroma

Interface: Wired USB | Keyboard backlighting: Per-key RGB | Programmable keys: All | Features: Per key RGB lighting, supports Windows 7+ and OSX 10.8+

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Everyone cannot afford the keyboards with a huge price so those keyboards are not best for the users with moderate purchasing power. We have selected featured full keyboard for the users so they can enjoy their gaming experience with a great mechanical keyboard. Razer cyanosis chroma is on the 7th place in our best gaming keyboard list.

Razor cyanosis chroma is having RGB lighting behind the keys of the keyboard with great effects. Consequently, the keyboard is rich in the display.

The keyboard, among the best gaming keyboard, has many options to customize your gameplay. You can assign macros with programmable switches and customize them according to your way.

The keyboard has wrist support with an elegant design that makes a keyboard for smooth and comfortable gameplay. It supports the latest technology from the Razer. You can customize a complete keyboard with the help of this GUI app.

This piece is for those who need much more in lesser money. So, you can name it as the best budget gaming keyboard.

Razer cyanosis chroma has mash-membrane switches. This disadvantage is not for the new users because they might not observe it. But the experienced gamer that uses the mechanical keyboard the most can quickly identify this. The keyboard lacks in the macro key area.

8: Extra featured: HyperX Alloy Elite RGB:

HyperX Alloy elite RGB

Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red | Size: Full size | Backlights: Red | Passthroughs: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated | Wristrest: Detachable

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HyperX alloy elite RGB has something extra to offer at a very good price. One of the best gaming keyboards is effective and accurate with the combination of comfort and technology.

The software offered by the company is a dream to watch. Through which a user can customize from a single key to the complete keyboard and the lightening effects as well.

HyperX alloy elite, one of the best gaming keyboards is made up of solid and genuine steel material for durability and long term usage. Cherry MX mechanical switches have been used in this pure class gaming keyboard.

The keyboard has multifunctional digital wheel and multimedia buttons that help in accessing extra features like multimedia volume, brightness and so on quickly.

The keyboard comes with the port of USB to connect an extra device like headphones, mouse or anything conveniently. HyperX alloy elite has a detachable comfort pad for the wrist of gamers.

There are so many features to offer with this keyboard with an amazing price as compare to the recent keyboards with hefty prices.

The keyboard does not have any dedicated macro keys. So it might be a disadvantage for the gaming geek. Few of the users have suggested that the software of the HyperX alloy should be more advance and improved.

One of the favorite guides for the technical users has tagged this keyboard as a little overpriced.

9: Best Wireless Keyboard: Logitech G915:

Logitech G915

Interface: Wireless | Size: Full-size (100%) Mechanical: Yes

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Today’s world is full of advancements. New technology is getting in day by day. This Logitech G915 is the clue to the technological advancement. It is not only the wireless keyboard but also fast enough to the modern needs of gaming.

Logitech G915 is the best wireless gaming keyboard because of its fast reaction speed. It has light speed wireless technology that gives the 1ms performance and this technology is mostly used in all the pro gaming tournaments of the world.

Another breakthrough Logitech has given is the ultra-thin design of the keyboard. That design makes it elegant and stylish.G915 comes with the three types of mechanical switches that give all the accuracy, performance and speed needed during games.

The keyboard has programmable extra keys that give control during the game. And with the extended battery life, it can bear long gaming sessions.

The keyboard can be connected with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. It offers extra controls for media with ease and comfort.

Logitech G915 does not support comfort for the wrist. Like other keyboards, it does not have extra space. Not every gamer can afford this keyboard. Its price is more than 200 US dollars in the market. But if a gamer does not worry about price then this keyboard is a must for use as the best keyboard for games.

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