The Best Gaming Tablet in 2020

The 10 Best Gaming Tablet in 2020

The Best Gaming Tablet in 2020

Hello folks, today we are talking about best gaming tablet. It is the most versatile innovation of the smart industry. Tablets are more common nowadays because of its uses. Many people use it as a mini portable laptop that can help in their office work like presentations etc.

Many of us use tablets like home device that can be used to watch movies, read books and it is good enough to entertain our children. But today we will talk about the use of tablets for gaming purpose. And we have selected the list of best gaming tablet for you people

In short, tablets have various features in it. Some of it uses android as its operating system, Apple tablets have its own mac operating system, and others use windows operating system. All the tablets can play games. The best gaming tablet is one which has great processor and RAM to run the device smoothly. And the device can play heavy games of today’s world.

Before giving a list, we will give you answers. The questions we have are the questions of many users and readers. The questions are about the best gaming tablet. The processor, RAM requirement and the features of the best gaming tablet.

So based on its processor, customer reviews and features, here is the list of best gaming tablet of 2020.

Apple iPad (2019)

Apple iPad Pro (2018)

Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids edition

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

IPad Air 2019

Lenovo Tab 4

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Samsung galaxy Tab S6

List of best gaming tablet.

 1: Apple iPad (2019)

Apple is considered as the best gaming tablet. In fact Apple is not only the best gaming tablet but the tablet for all. It is the best among Apple users. And even non Apple lovers prefer to have an Apple product. But Apple price is too high if we compare it with the features solely.

Apple iPad 2019 is similar to its previous tablets launched by the company but this time few changes have been made that are worth watching. Now it has extra screen space (up from 9.7 inches). In addition with that, this device now has smart keyboard cover support that gives lot of help for the product to use.

Apple is known for its battery timing. It is clear in that device as well. This device has the backup of almost 12 hours of usage. The display is much colorful, brighter and pleasant to your eyes. All in all it is best tablet from the company till to date.

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 2: Apple iPad Pro (12.9 Inch, 2018)

Another product from the Apple is best gaming tablet as well. Apple is one of the best sellers of tablet industry. It has a huge share in the market. Apple has the largest fan following across the globe.

The new iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic processor is strong and a good compliment for this device. The full screen design made this device to looks good. Audio quality is good plus the improved Apple Pencil can start charging itself when connected to any magnetic attachment with device.

The long battery timing allows users to use it for almost 13 hours. It is very good device for the extreme users that uses the device most of the time in a day.

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 3: Amazon fire HD 10


Amazon has few products in the market that are un-beatable. Its competitors used to praise about those. And you can certainly say that this Amazon fire HD 10 is the best gaming tablet. One of the products in that is Amazon Fire HD 10. It has the port available which Apple products do not have that is USB-C port.

In addition with that it has strong battery life with very good display of 1920*1200-pixel which makes it a good smart TV and you can watch your favorite things on it.

Amazon users are wishing it to add the facility of Google play store in its devices that makes it more worthy product. But yet we can download many games in that. And enjoy the really good gaming experience with this best gaming tablet

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 4: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids edition

This tablet we have chosen for kids as the best gaming tablet. Games are necessary part of the kids’ life.  What our kids need in this smart era of technology. This tablet is for your kids with best features. It has a good display, good battery life, loads of free content for kids that helps them in education and entertainment. This all is in very cheap and competitive price in the market.

On top of all, this device has very strong parental control so that you can make sure what your children are watching and accessing on internet. In general, it is the best gift to your kids with almost no burden on your pocket. Collectively all features made this product as the best gaming tablet for you.

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 5: Microsoft surface Pro 6

Windows products have not gotten the place in the market yet. It is due to the grip of android and apple products in the market. On the other hand, if we saw the features a windows product can offer you. The user will surely think about using the windows product. This product is similarly the best of windows product. Hence it is in our list of best gaming tablet.

Here is the strong windows tablet in the list on 5th place. The strong processor can handle your work load easily and additional batter timing can help in additional working hours. On the other side of the table it is very good in display. It can be a good entertaining device for you. With its looks and design it is for those who do not compromise on appearances.  On the whole, it is the complete device with mix of features that can work for you as all-rounder.

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 6: IPad Air (2019)

Another device is for Apple lovers. IPad Air is completely an entertainment product. It has brilliant display, very good sound quality and very great for your data. It supports Apple’s pencil and smart keyboard that makes it more creative and stylish.

Usual high speed processor from Apple and stronger battery life are like topping on the ice-cream. In brief, it is good device for those who need tablet for entertainment purpose.

High quality processor and brilliant RAM speed make this tablet the gaming partner for game lovers. Apple’s quality is of no doubt. Therefore we have added this device in our list of best gaming tablet. If you need good looking best gaming tablet then you should try this one.

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 7: Lenovo Tab 4 8

Lenovo is one of the best brands that manufacture smart devices. Some critics say that main disadvantage of Lenovo is the battery issues. But yet the performance of the devices is extremely good.

We have selected this tablet for its performance of device and battery as well. Customers are satisfied with the product overall. Hence it is in our list of the best gaming tablet.

Rests of the top tablets are android tablets and it is best for android lovers. For only $129, this tablet is offering everything in it that any of other tablets needed to do. The Tab 4 8 provides 8 inches display with strong graphics so it is pleasant to eyes. Batter timing is good enough to work. It lasts 10 hours on a single charge.

Unlike Amazon tablets, Lenovo is providing all the Google facilities like Play store, YouTube, mail service etc. That makes it same like a mobile device but with larger screen.

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 8: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Lenovo Yoga series is one of the great series from Lenovo. And it is very popular among android and tablet lovers. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 has all the features that we are looking for.

It is the device with the better processor, RAM and good display of images and videos. All the features make the tablet YOGA by Lenovo as the best gaming tablet.

The android device from our list of best gaming tablet, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is little different in its design. It has a very good display of 1280*800-pixels. A good 8 mega pixel camera that is able to rotate up-to 180 degrees.

Its processor is in low side, the snapdragon 212 processor that may cause some delays in heavy works. A large battery consumes lots of physical space but if you are ok with its design then it can give you the backup of 15 hours. So if these lacking are no problem for you then this tablet can fit your need with the cheap price.

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 9: Samsung galaxy Tab S6

Samsung was the premier brand of smart devices. In my personal opinion Samsung was the best in terms of quality. But Samsung is in last of the list because lack of product innovation and costly products in the market. It offers good quality products but few products in near future are against that argument.

Nowadays, Samsung is facing tough competition in the smart device industry. We have so many options today. Like Lenovo, ASUS and many more. For the betterment of the company Samsung has to innovate and compete in the market to outclass the competition. And take back its previous prestige.

Although this tablet almost have all the features in it. We can say this device as a best gaming tablet. A good display, strong processor, Stylish design, S pen stylus and touchpad cover. Keyboard accessory and the DeX desktop interface makes the Galaxy Tab S6 a viable laptop replacement and a gaming partner for the game lovers.

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Q: Can you play video games on tablet?

The answer is YES. Surely you can play thousands of games on your selected best gaming tablet. There are many games on play store if your tablet is android. There are thousands of options for games on IOS and windows tablet as well.

Talking about the games, there are many gaming options you can play on the tablet like the most famous online games are PUBG. More options include subway surfer, candy crush and there are thousands of games from arcade category to full time action ones.

On the other hand, people prefer to play on the tablets because of their big screen than the smart phone. Tablet is generally used due to its big screen size.

Q: Which tablets can play games?

Every tablet can play games. Each game needs some minimum configuration to run. The heavy games like PUBG can be played on the heavy configuration.

The minimum RAM to play good games on tablet should be 4GB with healthy processor. The android version should be updated so you can play all the available games on the tablet as you like.

The lower RAM with lower frequency processor might run the heavy game but you will face the lagging issues in the tablet. We have selected updated tablets in the list of best gaming tablet so these all tablets can run all the available games easily.

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